BLAK Masterclass

BLAK Masterclasses were created by Typecast for emerging First Nation Victorian creatives who are making content that is under-represented in the national culture.

The goal of the program was to give First Nations people new insights and tools to help them create content that breaks through barriers.

There were two parts to the program:


In part one, a series of masterclasses were delivered that explored how to choose the right project from among myriad possibilities, to bring a team of people together around it, finance its production, and share its risks and rewards.

Running across the four masterclasses, we put learning into practice with a class project focused on a search for great content ideas.

By the end of part one we had a small slate of exciting creative ideas developed to pitch stage – and for each idea, a team ready to take it forward.

The masterclass program comprised of four one-day masterclasses developed and delivered by COMPTON SCHOOL:

• Saturday 10 November 2018

• Saturday 17 November 2018

• Saturday 19 January 2019

• Saturday 2 February 2019


In part two, teams then took their ideas to the next stage.

Teams received instruction to assist them in meeting the organisational, resourcing and production challenges of moving their project forward.

The goal was to give these projects their best shot at getting into production and in front of audiences.

The Masterclass program comprised of a 5 week Program of 3 days per week developed and delivered by YOUTHWORX.

Week 1 Mon 3rd - 5th Dec 2018

Week 2 Mon 10th - 12th Dec 2018

Week 3 Mon 17th - 19th Dec 2018


Week 4 Mon 7th - 9th Jan 2019

Week 5 Mon 14th - 16th Jan 2019

In summary, the goal of BLAK Masterclasses was three-fold:

1. To teach participants the fundamentals of coming together in teams to create great content.

2. To run a live search for great content ideas they can develop together.

3. To take the best ideas forward with the goal of reaching production.

Blak Masterclasses were supported by Creative Victoria and Vicscreen.

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